Fumiaki Akahane

Born in Nagano,Japan, 1984.
Graduated from Painting Department, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University in 2008.

Solo exhibition
2023 “SOILS AND SURVIVORS," Suwa City Museum of Art(Nagano)
2022 "Rotten Symphony," CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY(Tokyo)
2020 "Against gravity, "Token Art Center(Tokyo)
2019 "Compost Paintings," Art Laboratory Hashimoto(Kanagawa)
2017 "OILY YOUTH," Musashino Art University,gFAL(Tokyo)
2015 "OK PAINTING," One’s Room gallery & studio(Okinawa)
2014 "MY WAR ," island MEDIUM(Tokyo)
2009 "Shining Darkness," magical, ARTROOM (Tokyo)
2007 "Fumiaki AKAHANE," MAGIC ROOM? (Tokyo)

Group exhibitions
2023 "ART SANPO 2023," Stores in Imabari City(Ehime)/curated by Imabari Landscapes
2023 "VOCA 2023," Ueno Royal Museum(Tokyo)
2023 "Koukouguran," Talion Gallery (Tokyo)
2021 "Paintings," CAVE-AYUMIGALLERY(Tokyo)
2020 "Muddy River," icou,Next to Hojo Komuten (Tokyo)/curated by Token Art Center
"The National Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO) “The National Mizuumi of Art, Okutama” ―Supporting each other.OKUTAMA coin―," gallery αM(Tokyo)
" ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2020," The Museum of Kyoto Annex (Kyoto)
2019 "Token Art Center Pre-open exhibition," Token Art Center (Tokyo)
2017 "Spring Fever," Komagome SOKO (Tokyo)
2016 "Ghost's hippocampus." Citizen gallery Yada (Nagoya)
"TAKATO KONJAKU STORY." Shinshu takato art museum (Nagano)
2015 "Fumiaki Akahane・Keisuke Koizumi." TS4312(Tokyo)
"The more it changes,the more it stays the same." modelroom(Tokyo)
2013 "Art program Ome 2013," Ome Municipal Museum of Art (Tokyo)
2012 "HOME ALONE," island MEDIUM (Tokyo)
"Forever Young," Bambinart Gallery (Tokyo)
"F.E.S." 3331 Arts Chiyoda(Tokyo)
"Power of a Painting," NADiff a/p/a/r/t (Tokyo,) and Hirori Art Center (Miyagi)
2010 "Power of a Painting," island (Chiba)
"HYOUGENSYA KEKKI SYUKAI 2," Edel Platzse Building (Osaka)
"New Art 2010 -- Pleasure of hands and eyes," Yokohama Civic Gallery (Yokohama)
2008 "SCOPE NY 08," booth of magical, ARTROOM( NY )
"magical museum tour," Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo)
2007 "WORM HOLE episode 9," magical, ARTROOM (Tokyo)